“Take A Bow”

The Following was offered

in Dedication to

Lydia Kent Matteson

by Peter Lamberton

on Saturday, January 11, 2014


In her 50-plus shows
And her 40-plus years
There were plays of all kinds
Filled with laughter and tears

There were sighs of relief
When she managed the stage
Everything was in tact
Every cue, every page

But that’s only one part
Of her Players mystique
How she gave from the heart
Every day, month, or week

Keeping all in control
Surely no easy task
But it always got done
Any time, any ask

The tickets, the checkbook
The member relations
The last minute phone calls
And odd reservations

While others would grumble
Obsess and be snitting
She took it in stride and
Just kept right on knitting

We never considered
How Players would function
If ever the road had
An end or a junction

But, alas, here we are
And we’re saying farewell
Reality’s striking
It’s stinging like hell

You’re up there with Sally
And all of the others
Directors, Producers
Like sisters and brothers

So, for once, take a bow
That you’ve certainly earned
For all of the lessons
We hope we have learned

Though, for now, we’re adrift
At some point, we’ll be fine
And we will meet again
Bring the cheese sticks and wine


Lydia Kent Matteson 3/9/1947 – 12/21/2013

The Players is touched and most grateful that Lydia’s family
has requested donations in her memory be made to our Club.

Kathleen A. Oliverio