Schedule of Events

The Players Performing Arts Festival

Schedule of events


Friday, June 23, 2017

All of Friday evening’s performances will be held on the upstairs Main Stage.

7:00   PM    Lizzie – Original Work by Roger Lemelin

8:30   PM    Dennis Bouchard and Songs of the Heart

10:00 PM    Imperial Court of Rhode Island – Broadway Review


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday’s events take place in Talma, The Green Room and on the Main Stage

10: 00 AM    Resume/Audition Class  for Adults  (Main Stage)

10:00 AM     The Costume Party!  (Talma)

11:30  AM     The Costume Parade   (Green Room)

12:00  PM     Speak the Speech! Strictly Shakespeare for a Crowd! (Main Stage)

12:00  PM     Theater Games – Intro to Acting through Improvisation  (Green Room)

2:00    PM     Musical Theater Dance for Adults  (Main Stage)

2:00    PM     Broadway Bound!  Dance Workshop ( Green Room)

Intermissions and Theatre Tours

4:00   PM    Manton Avenue Project – (Main Stage)

5:30   PM    Henry and Roy – Original work by Charles Sweigart (Main Stage)

7:00   PM    The Lottery – Staged Reading  (Main Stage)

8:30   PM    Broadway By Becky   (Main Stage)

9:15    PM    Arctic Playhouse  and Lon Cerel (Main Stage)

10:00 PM    Imperial Court of Rhode Island – Night of Illusions (Main Stage)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

All of Sunday’s performances will be held on the upstairs Main Stage.

10:30  AM     Stage Tech Panel

12:00  PM    Lizzie  – Original work by Roger Lemelin

1:30     PM    Everett Company – Case Closed!

2:30    PM    Mrs. Ethan Frome –  Original work by Eliza Collins.

 Food Available at the Benefit Juice Bar and Cafe

All Proceeds Benefit The Finishing Touches Fund

Weekend Pass – $30
One Day Pass – $20 Adults  $10 Students
Family Pass – $30 (2 Adults and Kids)


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